Fynoti launches crowdfunding round to offer low-cost home security system


Fynoti, a low-cost home security system which does not require monthly subscriptions, is gaining traction in its initial crowdfunding launch.

The Danish start-up allows customers to buy a Fynoti for as low as $9, with no ongoing monthly fees. Fynoti is a standalone, wireless home alarm system, which users can place on a shelf or small table, and it runs on batteries which last for more than a year.

The group’s goals with Fynoti was to create a wireless security app which does not require monthly fees, and which could be purchased for $9 during the crowdfunding stage. To keep it simple, the company kept it basic – once it is turned on, when someone walks past it, an alarm is triggered. Extra features such as video cameras were not included, since that would have raised the price – and the main goal was to create an effective security system which was affordable for everyone.  

The system comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android, which allows users to control and monitor their system from a mobile device. The app is free, and also includes a neighborhood watch system, which connects users in the same neighborhood together.

The wireless motion detection system includes a siren which blasts when triggered, and it will also send a notification to the user’s smartphone. When neighbors who are also using Fynoti join together in a neighborhood network, alerts can be sent to others in the neighborhood as well.

The device includes automatic time scheduling, and includes a “panic” button for emergencies as well with a “shout” feature, that allows an individual to simply hit a button on the smartphone app to shout out to the individual’s network for assistance.

The small device covers a 12-meter distance, so it can cover most average-sized rooms completely. Multiple Fynotis can be used to cover each room, and the app can control all devices.

Currently in beta, the app was launched in Fynoti’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on November 1. The campaign has already gained hundreds of backers, and the timeline indicates that shipping will take place in March, 2018.