Golf Ball Sized Gary Achieves Crowdfunding Success


With 70 percent of its goal achieved on the first day of its Kickstarter crowdfunding round, a simple headphone organizer called Gary is already making waves. Crowdfunding can be highly effective, but the barrier to entry is low, and early success is often elusive. Thousands of great ideas never get funded, and marketers still struggle to come up with the right combination of tactics to achieve that unicorn status that makes headlines.

The developers attributed the product’s early success to a combination of the organic traffic of the Kickstarter platform, and the offering of the simple design of the product itself.

The device addresses a simple problem — that of tangled wires of headphones and other devices. The small, spring-loaded gadget is compact, and can hide up to two meters of wires. A hook in the center of the device immediately winds onto the spool inside, neatly solving the problem of hanging headset wires.

“We’ve all had an encounter or two with the problem of tangled wires,” said company founder Sebastian Max. “It’s not going away as we get more and more gadgets. “Sometimes, all it leads to is bad mood, unpleasant feelings; other times, it’s broken wires and unnecessary costs that you have to deal with. Our team has often thought about how to solve this problem, making life easier for ourselves and everyone else. And we have found one: It’s a small spring-loaded spool that can change your daily life.”

The Kickstarter round has already nearly received almost double its funding goal after launching on November 7.

The founders have tapped into a useful strategy for crowdfunding success, which includes setting a modest and achievable goal, offering a product with a simple design which solves a problem, and orchestrating a modest media outreach campaign. Staying in touch with funders has also proven to be an essential part of success. Early product prototypes became available earlier this month, and even though products are not scheduled to be shipped until January, the founders tapped into the wisdom of the crowd, selecting a small group of early testers to receive early prototypes and provide feedback.

The Gary Kickstarter page will be active through December 21.




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