Housing prices and interest expected to grow in 2018


The housing crisis which began in 2008 had a lasting effect on the housing market, and prices and new home starts are only now beginning to ramp up. According to Realtor.com’s 2018 forecast, new home sales will increase by seven percent in 2018, with existing home sales seeing 2.5 percent growth.

Mortgage interest rates are going up too, although that may not slow down the trend –low interest rates that were seen since 2008 were an historic anomaly meant to trigger economic growth. The Realtor.com forecast predicted average mortgage rates of 4.6 percent throughout 2018, reaching 5.0 percent by the year end.

Over the last nine years, we have seen a low inventory of homes, which combined with stricter underwriting standards brought on by extremely low interest rates, have made it difficult for new homebuyers to get into the market. We may start to see a return to a more sensible real estate market in 2018. Although mortgage interest rates will be somewhat higher, those mortgages will be at least a little easier to get, and more people will be applying for them if unemployment rates continue to trend positively.

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