Maine Pointe Becomes Alteryx Partner


Global supply chain and operations implementation consulting firm, Maine Pointe, announced today it has partnered with Alteryx, Inc, the company revolutionizing business through data science and analytics. Using Alteryx’s end-to-end analytics software platform, Maine Pointe’s data analysts will become systems integrators and analytic consultants providing advisory, managed, and implementation services to customers across all industry verticals.

Maine Pointe’s data analytics experts have a wealth of experience working with clients and our supply chain and operations implementation delivery teams to drive actionable, measurable outcomes across the end-to-end supply chain. This partnership will provide a strategic advantage for clients as the data analytics team continues to provide actionable insights and deliver innovative solutions to transform the supply chain into a competitive weapon.

“We are very excited to become an Alteryx Partner,” said Nathanael Powrie, Maine Pointe’s Vice President, Data Analytics, “Most large organizations understand that data and analytics can provide a powerful competitive advantage, but many are struggling to turn raw data into actionable insights. Alteryx’s platform allows us to unlock faster synchronization in developing and implementing advanced analytics and business intelligence solutions that will enable clients to break down data barriers and obtain business-changing insights.”

Data analytics capability is foundational to Maine Pointe’s Total Value Optimization™ (TVO) approach. The powerful combination of Alteryx products and Maine Pointe’s deep industry and subject-matter expertise will provide clients with a single workflow for data blending, modeling and reporting, delivering the insights to identify, track, measure and report on end-to-end supply chain improvements and move up the Total Value Optimization Pyramid™.

“We are thrilled to welcome Maine Pointe to our rapidly expanding partner program,” said Steve Walden, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Alteryx. “At Alteryx, we foster relationships built on reciprocity and by collaborating with businesses like Maine Pointe, we can help data scientists and analysts alike break the barriers of analytics and solve problems faster than they ever thought possible.”